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Offered services


  • Sale of lots – burial rights

  • Burial of caskets

  • Interment of urns

  • Temporary storage of caskets and urns

  • General maintenance of lots

  • Reception room

  • Inscription on tombstones

  • Sale of monuments

  • Sale of urns made by Québec artists

  • Coordination of burials and internments

  • Possibility of planting flowers and shrubs under certain conditions

Wooden Urns by INDIGÈNE
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INDIGÈNE’s cremation urns are carefully crafted and oiled by hand. In solid wood or decorated with marquetry, each piece is unique and reflects the warmth, beauty and sensitivity of the wood. Individually designed with the utmost respect for its purpose, which goes beyond the simple material object, each species chosen for the urn is carefully selected and valued.


Through her creations, INDIGÈNE seeks to craft eco­logical, representative and luminous pieces to create a peaceful resting place that offers a warm proximity to nature.

Many other models are available.


Made in Québec City

Monuments funéraires Granit JD

For 40 years now, Monuments funéraires Granit JD a family business installs and restores funeral monuments in all cemeteries in the Provence of Québec.

Mount Hermon Cemetery will assist you in the selection of a monument, the form, image and inscription that will make it a unique tribute to the memory of loved ones.

Monuments for small lots. 
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Monuments for large lots. 
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Other models are available.
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