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Tree donations
Help care for the Mount Hermon wooded landscape.

From its groves spread out on the undulating hillside overlooking the St. Lawrence River, this intimate wooded green space has sheltered the memory of loved ones who have marked our lives and the history of the Quebec City region for more than 150 years.

This urban forest is in itself a testimony to the fact that life goes on but it is not spared by the passage of time. Aging and disease eventually lead to the felling of trees. In order to preserve the exceptional nature of this place of memory, reforestation is necessary.

The cemetery is asking for donations of trees according to the following terms and conditions:

  • only deciduous will be planted;

  • the choice of nursery, the purchase of the tree and payment for planting will be made by the donor;

  • the cost of planting the tree will be reimbursed by the cemetery, which will also issue a charitable donation receipt for the cost of the tree;

  • the cemetery, in consultation with the donor, will determine the location where the tree will be planted;

  • once planted, the donor is responsible for watering the tree (a few times a week for at least two weeks).

Mount Hermon is a part of our collective history.


Together let’s preserve the cemetery for generations to come.


For each donation, a plaque will be affixed to the tree.

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